Grout King Joins Forces with the Largest Youth Football League in the MENA Region

Youth Football League is excited to announce one of our sponsors, Grout King, a company that specialises in all things to do with your tile and grout. After years of use and neglect, your tile and grout can deteriorate. Grout King can clean, seal and restore your tile and grout and transform your floors, bathrooms and kitchens from nightmare to better than new.

“We are thrilled to have Grout King partner with us as a pitch sponsor. I’m pretty sure many entities would benefit from what Grout King offers.“ – Andrew Toward, Co Founder, Youth Football League

A Grout King treatment will restore life into your tile and grout. In fact they bring the surfaces back to better than when they were new. Seriously.

A new sponsorship deal between Grout King and the Youth Football League will go a long way to help the league continue to grow and offer exceptional experiences to every player, parent, and academy.

Grout King are the best in the business because they use specialized equipment and materials combined with a better knowledge of how to treat your surface.

“If your job is residential or commercial, it doesn’t matter. At the end of the day we just want to see great tile and grout and a happy smile on our customers faces.“ – Michael Widgery, Founder, Grout King

Here’s giving Grout King a warm welcome to the Youth Football League and looking forward to exciting times ahead!

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