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The Best Football League, According to Timeout Magazine

Football leagues in Dubai do things a little differently.

Instead of the tattered nets, back-breaking concrete pitches and wonky lines that characterise many a ground elsewhere. Facilities here are in the realms of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi – and by that, we mean world-class.

Here is a top football league in Dubai you should join if you’re a lover of the beautiful game.

Youth Football League Dubai

Speaking of Mbappe and wonder kids, this is a league for those still growing into their Copa Mundials. Youth League Football Dubai runs a complete catalogue of football leagues in Dubai for pint-sized Messi mimics, all the way from under-seven through to U18 level. Knockout tournaments run alongside weekly league fixtures. Depending on the age group, leagues have up to 10 sides split across multiple age divisions. The current season has been somewhat scuppered by an unwelcome pitch invader (the less said about that, the better). Still, the action will return after the summer, so mums and dads are encouraged to get their kids registered in time for the big kick-off. The extended break means a few extra shuttle runs in pre-season, right?

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