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Signed for Chelsea: Ex Youth Football League Player

Bjorn Marwa, under 14, signed for Chelsea FC back in November 2020. Bjorn Marwa was always an outstanding talent whilst playing within the Youth Football League. He gained much attention from the organizers and was destined for future success.

What Does the Future Hold?

Youth Football League is delighted to see such wonderful talent coming through the system. Bjorn Marwa, an ex-player in the Youth Football League has an outstanding career ahead of him and we wish him the best of luck for the future.

Youth Football League is a project dedicated to the infrastructure of youth competitions within the MENA region. Youth Football League’s main objective is to immerse young players into a regulated competitive environment, giving them the opportunity to advance their careers from grassroots to professional level. Youth Football League unites players from all demographics helping them to develop and achieve more than they ever thought possible. 

We look forward to witnessing more Youth Football League players progressing to become some of the best players in the world.

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