Edfundo Joins Forces with the Largest Youth Football League in the MENA Region

Youth Football League is excited to announce one of our sponsors, Edfundo, a company that is on a mission to provide 8-to 18-year-olds an unrivaled banking experience by helping them to become financially literate and to better manage their finances from an early age.

We are thrilled to have Edfundo partner with us. We certainly feel that our visions are aligned in terms of providing opportunities to develop healthy habits that will benefit young people in their adult lifeAnthony Stonehouse, Co Founder, Youth Football League

Edfundo the first money management application in the MENA region is created by teachers for 8-18-year-olds. It will help kids and teens manage their money responsibly, by enabling them to learn how to earn, save, spend, and budget in an increasingly cashless world.

A new sponsorship deal between Edfundo and the Youth Football League will go a long way to help the league continue to grow and offer exceptional experiences to every player, parent, and academy.

“It excites me to think I will be able to access a money management application (Just like GoHenry in the UK) to help my kids learn about money and access the digital economy. What makes that experience even more special is the fact that the founders are teachers, that will understand what my children need to learn bestAnthony Stonehouse, Co Founder, Youth Football League

Edfundo, created by teachers has launched its waitlist, allowing parents to sign up and gain early access and be one of the first to open an account.

We greatly appreciate the opportunity to partner with such a fantastic event. We look forward to being able to offer our support to help the Youth Football League offer the best experience possible to all of the participating families and football academiesSimon Wing, Co Founder, Edfundo

Here’s giving Edfundo a warm welcome to the Youth Football League and looking forward to exciting times ahead!

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